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  1. Welcome to B&B Trailers, Inc.

  2. B&B Trailers, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, located at 1054 W. Sumner St. (HWY 60) in Hartford, WI. The business was started by Bob and Pat Baus in 1986 selling exclusively for Karavan Utility Trailers. Our line of trailers now consists of Enclosed, Snowmobile, Utility, Equipment, Dump, ATV, Car Haulers, and Boat Trailers.  

    Since 1986, the business has grown to include many different manufacturers and more than 100 trailers in stock. If we do not have a particular trailer in stock, we will try to get it for you. We aim to please. The business is currently ran by Bob and Pat's son, Jim Baus.  Jim, Ben, and Trisha currently handle the daily operations of the business. We enjoy our line of work and we enjoy helping and serving customers with all their hauling needs.

  3. Financing

  4. Trailer Leasing, LLC provides financing for virtually all types of trailers. From landscaping to cargo trailers, they can provide a lease product that fits your needs. Simply complete the lease application (link below)  and with approved credit they will provide funding.  




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