Winter= Snowmobiling

It’s getting to that time of year again, winter.  For those of you that like the snow it is a great time to start thinking about a new snow trailer to haul your sled.  Snow Trailers are going fast and you need to shop early for the best selection.  Trailers are a great option and they make getting to local trails or up north easy and convenient.  Northern Wisconsin is getting snow already and temperatures will be frigid so the snow will stick around and trails will be opening soon, so all you need is a trailer to get you there.  We have a large selection of snow trailers in stock, set up and ready to go.  We have open trailers, trailers with tops and fully enclosed units.  Stop in today to check out what we have, if we don’t have what you are looking for we can special order a trailer for you.      

Maintaining your Trailer

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner.  Is your trailer ready?  Whether you have an enclosed, utility or snow trailer you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road, especially in winter.  Trailers just like cars need regular maintenance to keep them in great running condition.  Make sure you check your trailer over or bring it into B&B Trailers and let us to the work so you can travel worry free.  Properly maintaining your trailer will keep your trailer running for many years.  Below are a few tips to keep your trailer running.

  •  Keep your trailer clean: make sure to hose off the frame, especially after driving in salt
  •  Keep your bearings greased, don’t over grease it will blow out the seals
  •  Keep tires properly inflated
  •  Make sure lights are working

Summer Time

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  Now that summer has arrived after a wet and cool start we hope that you are out enjoying the weather!  We have many trailers that can make yard work and leisure activities easier and more enjoyable.    Whether is it is a small trailer for brush or mulch or a larger utility trailer for your skid loader we have it.  We also have trailers for transporting your toys; bikes, boats, cars, etc.  If you already have a trailer don’t forget to do regular maintenance on your trailer to keep it in good running condition so you can avoid those inconvenient breakdowns.  We are a full service repair shop for you trailer or if you want to do the work yourself  stop in and check out our parts room!  Thanks for stopping in and be sure to check back for new posts in the future!

Finding a Utility Trailer

Hi, this week’s topic is going to be selecting a utility trailer. Spring is fast approaching and it’s going to be time to get outside and do some yard work. So you may be looking for a trailer to haul a lawnmower or maybe some mulch. You need to decide on what you are going to haul. Maybe it is just a lawnmower or maybe you want one trailer for several uses. First you need to decide your main use. Once you determine that you need to take some measurements. Lastly determine how much weight you are going to haul. Once all those factors are determined we can help you find a trailer that is going to meet your needs. We have many different utility trailers in stock, whether you are looking for steel or aluminum we have something for you. Thanks for stopping by, hope you check in again next week!

Trailer Licensing

Hi, thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog.  This week we are going to the discuss trailer titling and licensing in Wisconsin.  Many people believe that a trailer only needs to be registered if tandem axle or over a certain size, which isn’t true.  When you purchase a trailer whether from a dealer or a private party you should receive a certificate of origin or a title.  If the trailer was previously registered with the state you will receive a title that needs to be signed over and retitled in your name.  If you purchase a new trailer from a dealer you will receive a certificate of origin, which depending on if you need to register the trailer gets turned into the state and if not you need to hang onto it for your records and in case you decide to move out of state, sell, or trade your trailer in.  If your trailer has a GVWR over 3000# in Wisconsin it needs to be titled and licensed, regardless of how many axles or the size.  That is all for now, be back next week with a new topic.